Echo-Rhyme – open audition


Echo-Rhyme is planned to be shot in and around the Evansville area as well as a few locations in Nicaragua or Florida. There are over 70 speaking roles that we are needing to be filled not to count all the extras that will be needed. If you would like to audition for this movie, feel free to send in a video submission to There is more info on our facebook event page. (Click image below)


Son Films Latest Production “2 to Tangle”


“2 to Tangle” is the latest movie from Son Films. We are excited to show what we have been able to accomplish our second time around. The Lord has blessed our efforts greatly and we hope you enjoy it!

  • “2 to Tangle” is available for purchase off of the official movie website. (Link below)
  •  If you are more interested in renting or digital download then “Cinivee” is the place for you.(Link below)

Click here to watch the trailer—> 2 to Tangle

Click here to go to—> Cinivee

Watch Time Collectors Trailer

Sam, a wealthy independent paleontologist, makes a fossil discovery that challenges mainstream evolutionary thinking. Sam suspiciously turns up dead, leaving his inheritance and secret to Brad, his agnostic grandson.

As Brad uncovers his grandfather’s secret, he comes uncomfortably close to those who would do anything to destroy Sam’s discovery. While meeting Sam’s assistant, Brad is thrown into a whirl wind journey where he will experience pain and loss while discovering faith and love.

Watch the Time Collectors Trailer