2 to Tangle [2012]


Here is a quick update on how “Time Collectors” is doing. “Time Collectors” has been picked up by Bridgestone Multimedia Group and is in the process of being placed on Amazon and iTunes as well asĀ in Wal-Marts and other stores!

What’s New

“2 to Tangle” is the latest movie from Son Films, planned to come out fall of 2012.
We learned so much in the areas of filming, lighting and sound from our first movie “Time Collectors” that we were able to apply to this one. Though we had more experience after shooting the first movie, we decided to give our selves an extra month of shooting time just to make sure we were able to get it done right. “2 to Tangle” is completely edited together and now we are going through it a second time to add in color, fix sound, and make sure the scenes are the way we want them to the best of our ability! Once we have finished going through it a second time, we will go through it a final time and add music to it! Once the final stage of editing is complete, the movie will be ready for public and church screenings to get the reaction and opinion from a limited portion of the general public. The goal of the screening process is to find out what we may need to change or if there is a portion of the story line that wasn’t clear that we need to help make clearer if possible. We are excited to show off what we have been able to accomplish our second time around. The Lord has blessed our efforts greatly and we hope you enjoy it!

Bellow is a small synopsis of “2 to Tangle’s” story line as well a link to the website where you can watch the trailer!

Story Line

Jessica’s true love, Tom, starts appearing to her after his death. Terrified and confused, Jess seeks out an explanation for these haunting attacks and discovers that the key to her deliverance is her faith. In a surprising twist Jess will find out that the man she loved was not who she thought it was. The answers to her questions might surprise you.

Click here to watch trailer—>2 to Tangle

2 thoughts on “2 to Tangle [2012]

  1. I just finished watching “2 to Tangle” on Parables. I always enjoy watching productions made by Christians because I believe we always have a message for the people to really give them help. I enjoyed watching the plot in which Jessica had to determine whether or not the relationship she was in was right. I was a bit frustrated that she continued to hang on to the relationship, but it realized that that’s the story for most women (even if Christians). So I was happy to finally see the scene where she spoke up and said that if he was to come to Jesus it had to be for him and not her. I was thinking that the message and purpose of the film was to show the reality of Christian dating and that we are not to be unequally yoked. However, I was soon disappointed to see the twist of death and the time spent to talk about death. I disagree with the teaching that was presented about Heaven and being asleep. I believe that because of Christ’s death, He opened up the passage way that was once closed. That is why prior to His Sacrifice, there was a paradise that was in the midst of the earth. But after His sacrifice, the saints who were once in Paradise arose and went to be with Jesus in Heavenly places. I think we as the church have to be cognizant of two separate things: (1) at the time of death there are only two places the soul/spirit go which either Heaven or hell, which is dependent of whether or not that person accepts Jesus as their savior; (2) Jesus is certainly coming back for Israel and to finish what he started in that His kingdom will be made on earth. But I would like to mention that I appreciated the teaching that once a person dies there is no manifestation of their spirit on earth and that what people claim to be ghosts are demon spirits trying to deceive people. I think that overall it was a sweet movie; however, it tried to tackle some very deep questions about death that I don’t believe the move had the time to really study.

  2. We thank you for your comment and the thoughts you presented. Though I do not want to get into an open deep discussion on the website, I am more than happy to discuss our different positions via email so that we both can explain our positions better. The only question I would present right now is where the verses are that speak to the idea of “prior to His (Jesus, I’m assuming) sacrifice, there was a paradise that was in the midst of the earth.”? Glad you enjoyed the movie regardless and I want to thank you for the tact with which you commented.

    Caleb Johnson – Director

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