Echo-Rhyme 2015

Echo-Rhyme is the latest movie to be coming from Son Films. The movie is in pre-production right now as we cast for over 70 speaking roles not including all the extras we will need. It will be their third film with a focus on the importance of keeping the 10 commandments in an exciting drama full of twists that will take you on an emotional journey leave you both crying and laughing.

Story line:

Frank, a professional counterfeiter from a wealthy mob family, discovers he needs a new heart after being shot when accepting a bribe from a dirty cop. In a twist of fate, Frank receives the heart of the man (David) he was supposed to kill two weeks earlier when told to “take him out” by his Grandfather. Learning from the deceased mans wife, Katie, what kind of man David was, Frank starts to have a change of heart.

With a bounty now on his head, Frank has to flea the country to escape his previous associates who don’t exactly like his change of heart.

Frank finds himself mixed up in a bad situation with a unique set of circumstances that will test his new heart and if he really has changed.

Join him on a journey where he will discover the truth about the man he killed, his past life, and that we really do get a second chance at life.


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